Who We Are

The Palestinian Farmers' Union (PFU) is a non-governmental organization that provides technical and organizational support to Palestinian farmers. The PFU's focus is to represent the interests of Palestinian farmers in order to empower them to secure and protect their rights. The PFU is made up of 14 affiliated associations; 11 in the West Bank and 3 in Gaza. Each association is an independent body covering one governance, with each association electing two representatives to the PFU general assembly.

The PFU has three main strategic goals:
1. Represent and promote the rights of farmers.
2. Encourage responsible investment and social responsibility.
3. Support branch level development projects.

The PFU aims to be responsive and reflective of Palestinian farmers' needs.

Over the past fortnight the PFU has hosted several events in support of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature’s third “Million Tree Campaign” at its Jenin, Tubas, Nablus and Jericho branches.

On April 9, the PFU held a meeting attended by representatives from local PFU branches, Agricultural Councils and Oxfam, introducing stakeholders to the ADVOCATE project.

The PFU hope that Palestine’s membership of the International Criminal Court (ICC) will facilitate the protection and expansion of farmers’ rights within the region.

BETHLEHEM, February 10, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli army Tuesday razed large tracts of Palestinian-owned land in the village of Artas, south of Bethlehem, according to local sources.

Palestinian farmers union welcomes the higher national committee’s decision banning the entry of products produced by six major Israeli companies into the Palestinian territory, as a first step against arbitrary Israeli procedures.

Ramallah- As part of the ‘Green Gold’ project and ‘From the Field to the Market’ project, a pruning olive trees campaign was launched, and implemented by Bethlehem Farmers Association (PFU branch in Bethlehem district.

Ramallah- Jericho Farmers association (PFU branch) distributed 4350 growing seedlings in Al-Bardlah area in the north Valley as a part of the third stage of “Seeding One Million Trees in Palestine – Third phase” program, launched by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature.

The Palestinian Farmers Union gives thanks to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture for their instant support of the agricultural sector concerning farmers’ income taxes exemption.

On the 21st of January 2015, the farmers union in Jericho governorate distributed 1695 growing seeds in Al-Nawameh and Al-Doyok areas as part of the third stage of the “Program for Seeding One Million Trees in Palestine” which is part of the Jordan Valley-Jericho project.

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