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Lobby & Advocacy Program

PFU’s most essential program is its lobby and advocacy program. All the activities and work conducted by PFU falls into this program. As detailed in the graphic below, it should be underlined that the activity domains and activities are strongly related; together they make the PFU action program. To arrive at significant results and impact, the combined effect of activity domains and activities is generally required.

The objectives of our lobbying and advocacy program are to build relationship networks at the local and international levels (Arab and foreign) through the establishment of strong partnerships with world farmers’ associations and the development of relationships with international institutions which support farmers.

At the local level, PFU acts in coordination with various organizations especially in the local community institutions to represent the farmers’ voices and support the farmers’ claims, through lobbying and advocacy on the concerned issues to protect the farmers’ rights. The program also aims to protect farmers’ products from risks and threats.

With its focus on lobbying and advocacy, PFU is working hard to fight for farmers’ rights.

PFU in Palestine is:

  • Working with local and international partners to make progress in the quality of life and work for farmers.
  • Working to generate income to become financially independent.
  • Working in capacity building to increase awareness amongst farmers and make the needs of farmers apparent to the organization.
  • Creating a database for the districts and main headquarters. 
  • Continuing to network and build relationships to identify stakeholders that can help us in our efforts.