• PFU Head Office, Holanda Street, Ramallah, Al-Bireh
  • info@pafu.ps

Our Vision, Mission, & Core Values


A resilient and prosperous agricultural sector in an enabling policy and business environment, securing farmers’ livelihoods and income and contributing to local and national economic development in a green, food secure and fully independent democratic state.


The Palestinian Farmers’ Union (PFU) is a broadly recognized Palestinian farmers’ network, which represents farmers through active district farmers’ associations in all agricultural sectors and communities,

… which represents farmers to defend their rights and interests to achieve a more securing and enabling policy and business environment,

…  and which provides quality services to strengthen farmers’ skills to better produce, process and market their commodities and cope with shocks and changes.

Core Values

The following 10 values are essential for PFU:

  1. Politically impartial and non-discriminatory (race, religion, gender)
  2. Non-violent defense of the rights and interests of Palestinian farmers.  
  3. Rights-based, constructive and result-oriented approach for the organization of lobby and advocacy campaigns and for the provision of services to farmers.
  4. Democratic functioning of PFU, district farmers’ associations and associated farmers’ organizations, according to the rules and regulations as stipulated in their constitutions
  5. Capacity building programs, tailored to learning styles of farmers and contributing to a professional and democratic agricultural civil society.
  6. Member-ownership of PFU and District Associations’ orientations and action plans, with implementation modalities that are strongly based on voluntary member participation.
  7. Sharing of information and experiences with stakeholders and partners with the aim to optimize collaborative relations.  
  8. Pro-active approach towards social inclusion and risk management, e.g. specific attention for smallholder farmers, women and youth, employment creation, food and nutrition security.
  9. Sustainable use of natural resources, water efficiency and environmental, safe agricultural practices.

Transparent financial and administrative management of organizations, programs, and projects for most effective and efficient delivery of services.