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 Afield visit has been conducted from Tamoun Women's Association to the Women's Association in Aqaba


Within the project "“Strengthening job creation and sustainability of Palestinian agricultural cooperatives in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic", Palestinian Farmers Association (PFU) team carried out a field visit to members of the Tammoun Women's Agricultural Association, on Wednesday, 12/1/2022. The visit was mainly to Aqaba region (Aqaba Women Agricultural Association) and to Zadna agricultural product factory.

The Aqaba Association and its members, representatives of Mrs. Tahrir and the young volunteers, attended, and explained the agricultural history of the village (AL-Aqaba) and the agricultural association and the difficulties they faced, especially the area classified as the so-called area C, which leads to the destruction of agricultural crops and land degradation by the training of the Israeli Military Force.

Moreover, the members of the Tammun Association got to know, and familiarize themselves with the agricultural machines that used to dehydrate agricultural products which are similar to what PFU will bring to the farmers as a part of the ACP project.

Additionally, the trip included a visit to Zadna’s factory for the manufacture pickles in the Kashda / Tammun and therefore the farmers of Tammun Association gained, deep knowledge of storage, and perfect example in pickles such as baby cucumber, red pepper and table olives.