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Farmers' Union: Preventing the Occupation Palestinian agricultural products have introduced a racist decision with distinction

The Palestinian Farmers' Union said that the decision by the Israeli agriculture minister to prevent the entry of Palestinian agricultural products to the Israeli market is "a racist racist decision that is being practiced on the ground without official notification to the government authorities to punish the Palestinian people in general and farmers in particular. Which aims to destroy the agricultural sector in order to advance the policy of land confiscation and settlement expansion. "

"This decision shows that the Israeli government is a government of settlers with distinction that does not recognize any of the rights of the Palestinian people, even if it is within the framework of legitimate measures to protect Palestinian national products," the union said in a statement.

The statement added: "We in the Palestinian Farmers Union emphasize the right of farmers to protest against this decision and demand a reciprocal response and to prevent all Israeli products from entering our markets. It is inconceivable that our markets remain open to Israeli products at a time when our products are banned, Of the entry into Israel and therefore the Farmers Union emphasizes the following:

- Urgent steps must be taken to respond similarly to the decisions of the Israeli Minister of Agriculture and to prevent the entry of all Israeli products into our markets.

- Demand the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture and all official bodies to intervene immediately and immediately to find alternative markets for Palestinian products. Through communication with Arab markets.

- The need to activate the Jordanian Palestinian Agricultural Marketing Company and immediately start marketing agricultural products to the regional Arab markets.

- Compensation of farmers for partial damage caused by arbitrary decisions of the occupation government.

- Calling on the international sponsors of the so-called peace process to work hard to amend the Paris Economic Agreement and work to find new agreements that free Palestinian products from dependence on the occupier.