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Agricultural Councils Meet with Ministry of Agriculture to Discuss Agricultural Councils Draft Law

A meeting was held today (24/10/2019) at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) with the Minister of Agriculture regarding the Agricultural Councils draft law. It was attended by the Minister, Deputy Minister, the Department of Agricultural Councils (MoA), the Department of NGOs (MoA), and the presidents of nine councils. The attendees discussed the proposed draft law which stipulates the establishment of specialized agricultural councils to be submitted to the Council of Ministers (CoM) for approval. Some representatives of the Agricultural Councils proposed the establishment of a general union for the Agricultural Councils. The Palestinian Farmers Union’s (PFU) perspective focused on the importance of founding these specialized councils as functional bodies of law, prior to the forming of the general union in order to enable the legally established councils to be members in the proposed union.

The outcome of the meeting was as follows: a committee including members from Agricultural Councils, PFU, and MoA was formed, to continue discussing the draft law, and to consult the legal counselor at CoM regarding the proper legal formula to be used in this law to ensure that it would not violate any agricultural laws or general laws. The committee’s first meeting will be held on Monday (28/10/2019) at the MoA to continue discussing the draft law. The Minister of Agriculture promised to pass this law to the Council of Ministers before the end of this year.