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Farmers’ Support and Resilience

The “Farmers’ Support and Resilience in West Bank” project, which is implemented by the Palestinian Farmers Union (PFU) with funding from the Penny Appeal through a strategic partnership that spanned for several years, aims to support farmers in the West Bank. Penny Appeal, with the support of PFU, works to enhance the steadfastness of farmers by cultivating farmers' lands with olive trees, as you can see here in this land, as well as providing irrigation networks for these seedlings and fences to protect these lands. On this day, in particular, we are in Al- Buqi’a on a farm owned by Abu Khaled and his brothers, which has an area of 26 dunums, that have been planted today with about 600 olive trees for the family of Abu Khaled and his brothers. As a result, a total of three families, reaching 25 individuals, will benefit from this land