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Meeting of the Chairman of PFU’s Board of Director with the Minister of Labor


The chairman of the Palestinian Farmers’ Union, Mr. Rafat Khandakji, met with the Minister of Labor, Dr. Nasri Abu Jaish on Sunday, January 24, 2021. During the meeting, a discussion was held to discuss collaboration between PFU and the Ministry of Labor to stand with the Palestinian farmer and support the agricultural sector to protect the agricultural lands from Israeli confiscation through benefits provided from the private projects in the Ministry of Labor, who share the same goal.


Al-Khandakji assured that the Employment Fund adopted by the Ministry of Labor should include wide sectors from agricultural households and female and male workers in the agricultural sector and employ them in developing the agricultural sector and farms as well as asses their production in order to protect and expand the agricultural space in Palestine. Consequently, protect it from the danger of settlements and confiscation.


Dr. Abu Jaish stressed that the ministry pays great attention to farmers ’issues, and their issues occupy a high priority in the programs of the Ministry of Labor. He also stressed that the upcoming employment program includes employment in the agricultural sector and farmers and working with farmers because of its importance in maintaining Palestinian food security.


At the end of the meeting, the chairman of PFU expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Labor for paying attention to the agricultural sector and assured their continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Labor in the future.