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Exchange visit of the Women’s Association for Food Processing in Tamoun (from Jayyus to Tammun) on 15/6/2021


On 15/6/2021, the Palestinian Farmers Union Associations held an exchange visit to the Jayyous Women’s association , which was representative by Mrs. Umm Sharar, and she successfully represented for us the stages of Food Processing. Agricultural products, in the presence of Mr. Saeed Bani Odeh (representative of the Tammon women association), and at the beginning of the session there was a word of welcome and gratitude from the head of Tamoun local council, where he thanked the Palestinian Farmers Union and welcomed the attendees from the Jayyous women association.


Where the attendance was sufficient and represented from the women  association Tamoun (22 participants) and the women association Jayus (17 participants).


The meeting was attended by representatives of Palestinian Farmers Union, who are the field coordinator, Talal Bani Odeh. Project Coordinator Oday Hussain. Sondos Dwaikat and Eng. Alaa Taha, the assistance of project coordinator for the Tulkarm and Jayyous area.


After lunch, my colleague Talal coordinated a local field visit in the municipality of Tamoun for the representative of the women's association in the pioneering town of Tamoun, Ms. Umm Sharar, where she explained the basics of food processing and talked about pickles of all kinds and ways of storing them. Realistic examples of agricultural products were seen from pickles and varicose (grape leaves) and Cereals (freekeh), handicrafts and food such as straw trays, thyme, olives and traditional soap.


The problems facing associations were discussed in terms of the problems facing associations and several courses of action will be conducted to tackle these issues with the cooporation of PFU:

1. Administrative problems

2. Marketing Products

3. Packaging (specific logo)

4. Manufacturing methods and the ability to reach the market (marketing channel).